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Creative Oils

Gemma Guasch, Josep Asuncion

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25th July 2008
144 pages - 275 x 210 xmm
Creative Oils is a collection of oil painting projects expressly designed to get the most out of the reader's artistic potential. An introductory section featuring basic materials and their application is followed by 14 projects showcasing different oil painting techniques. Every technique is explained in full detail, enabling the reader to explore a rich world of experimentation. Each project is based on an example from a painter who has applied the technique in their own way, providing a visual model from which the work develops step by step. These are complemented by a "gallery" section showing possible applications of the given technique and explaining the variations that created them. Finally, a page of new suggestion leaves the project open for the reader to develop by using new models, colour schemes or compositions.This title is an excellent tool of consultation for anyone who wishes to go beyond mimetic painting and use oils as a medium of expression and personal development; Creative oils provides the technical expertise needed to make this possible.
Gemma Guasch and Josep Asuncion are both artists and teachers of painting at the School of Arts and Trades in Barcelona. As artists, they develop their work in contemporary painting and also in new artistic forms: action art, video-art and photography. They have exhibited their work in various cities in Spain and Europe. Their long experience as tutors, as well as their achievements in artistic investigation and creation, constitute the basis for this book.

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