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Conquering Carbon: Carbon Emissions, Carbon Markets and the Consumer

Felicia Jackson

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25th August 2009
256 pages - 198 x 128 xmm
This is a book to help consumers understand the consequences of carbon emissions and why we cannot afford to ignore them. 2009 will be a pivotal year in terms of carbon markets. A successor to the Kyoto Protocol is to be agreed by the end of the year and it essential that individuals start to understand and take responsibility for their carbon footprints. Carbon markets are the key to the largest economic change since the Second World War. We need to alter our relationship with carbon by learning how best to manage and prevent the loss of our resources in order to increase our sustainability. "Conquering Carbon" provides a clear overview of the role of carbon and the direct effects of our relationship with it. By providing a historical overview of global warming and key issues, examining the key players in the carbon market and looking at countries, companies and consumers' actions and the reasons behind these decisions, "Conquering Carbon" allows people to take action on an individual basis, which author Felicia Jackson argues is the ultimate consumer act.Understanding the role of carbon, its price, the market and the power of the consumer gives an individual the chance to affect the development of climate change legislation and political will. This book allows us to use the power of our wallets to influence the choices that corporations make.
Felicia Jackson is a consultant and journalist, specializing in the energy and carbon markets. An associate with environmental communications consultancy Carbon International, Felicia was the founding editor of New Energy Finance, the leading independent provider of research to investors in renewable energy, biofuels, low carbon technologies, and the carbon markets. She also advised the American Council on Renewable Energy on developing a biweekly briefing on US finance and investment in the renewable energy sector.

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