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Clematis: Over 100 Varieties

Andromeda Matz, Krister Cedergen

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25th March 2010
160 pages - 225 x 190 xmm
Here are over 100 varieties of clematis presented in words and pictures, including both large and small flowering varieties, climbing clematis and upright-growing types. Useful suggestions as to which varieties are good to grow against a trellis or doorway, as a climber in trees and bushes, in a flowerbed or even as ground cover will help you to choose which clematis is right for your garden. There is also an exciting historical overview of the clematis and plenty of advice covering everything from how and when to prune to tips on how to avoid the most common mistakes and what to do if problems occur. Whether you are an experienced clematis grower seeking inspiration for future plantings or a total beginner looking for a simple guide to growing these magnificent flowers, this book has everything you need to know to grow beautiful clematis year after year. It is suitable for keen gardeners looking to increase their knowledge of clematis cultivation and beginners seeking a comprehensive guide to growing clematis.
Krister Cedergren first became interested in clematis as a teenager while working at his family's nursery. He has since come to treasure their beauty and is now an acknowledged expert on cultivating and caring for these captivating flowers. Andromeda Matz is a freelance garden journalist who has successfully grown clematis for many years. She is particularly interested in the more unusual cultivars and hybrids. Krister and Andromeda both live in Sweden.

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