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Civil Partnership: A Guide to the Perfect Day

Gino Meriano, Mike Meriano

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27th February 2009
128 pages - 198 x 128 xmm
In 2005, the Civil Partnership Act was ratified and same-sex couples were allowed to arrange Civil Partnership ceremonies for the first time. Although thousands of couples have taken this step since then, arranging simple or elaborate ceremonies, many people are still confused about what a Civil Partnership actually is and what it really means under the law. Experts and gay rights campaigners Gino Meriano and Mike Meriano, who were one of the first couples to have a Civil Partnership Ceremony in the United Kingdom, set up Pink Weddings primarily to demystify Civil Partnerships and also to help same-sex couples arrange their perfect day, while making them aware of the nitty-gritty of the law.This book provides clear and easy-to-understand information on the processes through which couples need to go not only to create their perfect day but also to make sure that their partners and children are legally protected in such instances as separation, dissolution or death.
Foreword; Introduction - Why Do It?, Who Can Do It?, Legal Implications?; Planning - Timeframe, Choosing the Date, The Signing and Ceremony, Overseas Gay Weddings, Choosing Your Team, Trend vs Tradition, Speeches, Costs and Budgets, Choosing Suppliers; Making the Day Happen; Appendices: the Civil Partnership Act; Directory of Useful Resources; Top 10 Destinations in the UK; Top 10 Recommended Venues in the UK.
Gino Meriano and Mike Meriano are leading gay rights campaigners, who were key in helping change the law in the United Kingdom regarding Civil Partnerships. They are also directors of Pink Weddings, a company set up to help same-sex couples arrange their perfect Civil Partnership Ceremony and organise the United Kingdom's first and official Gay Wedding Show.

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