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Christmas Cakes

Alan Dunn

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27th July 2012
112 pages - 230 x 210 xmm
Over 45 recipes - all illustrated - of cake decorating in the classic Alan Dunn style. Allan Dunn's Christmas Cakes includes everything you need to create stunning and impressive cakes for that special time of the year. Each decoration is illustrated from beginning to end and all the equipment you need is detailed. As well as flowers and foliage, and arrangements for your cakes, you will find techniques and recipes for your cakes. Allan Dunn's Christmas Cakes delivers joy to the baker and sugar crafter, with impressive creations to those lucky enough to be offered the end results. From Snowberries, to Ivy, Pionsettia, Christmas Stars, Candles and Trees, Glitter Balls and Silver Snowflakes, you will make Christmas come alive with Alan Dunn helping you all the way.
Alan Dunn began at the The British Sugarcraft Guild with his tutor Margaret Morland. He then went on to study the City and Guilds Bakery and Flour Confectionery Courses and aged at only 17, gave his very first demonstration to the Gateshead Branch of The British Sugarcraft Guild. He soon realised that he enjoyed demonstrating and teaching as much as the craft itself - and it was not long before the word had spread around the country about his incredible skills. He then trained to become an accredited emonstrator for the guild.Since then, Alan Dunn has taught extensively throughout the UK, and in also in America, Canada, Japan, Holland, Sweden, The Channel Islands, Brazil, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. His work can often be seen on display on the Table of Honour at sugarcraft exhibitions.He has written nine books on the art of flowermaking and cake decorating and co-authored another three books with Tombi Peck and Tony Warren. He has had numerous articles published in The British Sugarcraft Guild Newsletter, Cakes and Sugarcraft, Cake Decoration Monthly and recently American Cake Decorating Magazine.

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