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Choosing and Using Climbing Plants

Barbara Abbs

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29th February 2008
96 pages - 280 x 215 xmm
Climbing plants are among the most versatile plants in the garden, but they are often overlooked as gardeners are unaware of where they might be used. This book is a practical guide to choosing and using climbers, with details of how to plant, train, support and care for them, and how to select the right plants for different soils and situations.There are chapters on designing with climbers, with suggestions on how to change a garden's appearance with colour or how to create a particular atmosphere. There is also advice on how to solve design problems with climbers, such as screening unsightly brickwork or creating focal points.The book shows how, for those who are impatient and on a budget, using quick growing climbers is an ideal way to create seclusion, increase interest and add height to a garden. For those who want to build special features on which to display climbers, there are a number of practical projects included. There are even suggestions for where vegetable or indoor gardeners may make use of climbers.With sumptuous photographs and easy-to-understand text, "Choosing and Using Climbing Plants" offers gardeners a wealth of information on this varied group of plants and even the most novice gardener will learn how to beautify their plot rapidly and with the minimum of expense.
Barbara Abbs is a well-known authority in the gardening world and a committee member of the Garden Writers Guild. She has written several books and frequently contributes articles to national newspapers and magazines on a wide range of gardening topics. She lives in Lewes, East Sussex.

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