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Child's Play: Montessori Games and Activities for Your Baby and Toddler

Maja Pitamic

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25th July 2008
176 pages - 222 x 184 xmm
"Child's Play" is an activity book jam-packed with play ideas for parents to enjoy with their babies and toddlers, from six months through to three years of age. Each game offers parents the chance to enjoy, encourage and assist in their child's key developmental stage, and all activities are based on sound techniques of early-childhood education. The activities are presented with guidelines and suggestions that progress in terms of difficulty, and no specialized knowledge or equipment is necessary. The chapters include: Sight and Sound, Touch and Texture, Smell and Taste, Hearing and Listening, Speaking and Language, Co-ordination and Practical Skills, and Outdoor Activities.From encouraging your baby to explore their senses with cuddling and jumping games, to action songs for toddlers and nature activities for the garden or local park, "Child's Play" offers infants and parents the chance to learn and play together.
Maja Pitamic has over 15 years' experience teaching children of varying ages and backgrounds. She has Montessori Teacher Training and her specialisation is in Early Years teaching. She has worked with children who have special educational needs, developing their skills through dance, movement, games and gymnastics.

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