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Castles of Britain and Ireland

Lise Hull

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5th October 2011
160 pages -
Britain has a unique castle heritage, and "Castles of Britain and Ireland" is an exploration of 50 fascinating and awe-inspiring castles. With stunning photography by Stephen Whitehorne, the book's engaging commentary guides the reader around the interior and exterior of each castle: architecture, furnishings, artefacts and gardens. The text is peppered with interesting snippets of historical information, including details of past residents and military action. Included are staples such as Caerphilly, Warwick and Dover, and also Pembroke, Bamburgh and Rochester among many others. Essential travel information on prices and transport links is provided for each castle, making this a practical 'glove-box' title as well as an object of beauty. The book is a true celebration and a real treat for anyone who is fascinated by castles. The engaging text is complemented by beautiful pictures which entice the reader and bring alive and unique and very different charms of each castle covered.
Lise Hull is a castellologist, historian and writer who runs Castles Unlimited which focuses on the study and promotion of British castles. She is the author of several books dedicated to the understanding of Britain's castles and ruins. Stephen Whitehorne is one of Scotland's foremost landscape, architectural and travel photographers and his work has been widely exhibited in the UK.

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