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Cardamom and Lime

Sarah Al-Hamad

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1st October 2015
128 pages -
The book starts with a detailed introduction on the history of the Gulf, a glossary of ingredients, herbs and spices used in the cooking and information on major culinary influences. There then follow five chapters: Rice; Lamb, chicken and fish; Vegetables; Desserts; Teas and coffees.With recipes ranging from Aromatic Rice, Fragrant Lamb Pilaf, Kebabs, Potato Cakes and Baked Fish with Nut Stuffing to Milky Rice Pudding and Pomegranate and Guava Salad, there is plenty here to tempt the taste buds. Throughout the book there are stunning photographs and feature spreads to give a flavour of life in the Gulf, making this a unique and eye-opening look at this wonderfully traditional cuisine.
Sarah al-Hamad is a food writer and photographer with a passion for Gulf culture and cuisine. Having grown up in Kuwait, she has fond memories of her Aunt's bustling kitchen. In 1998 she was awarded an MA in Middle Eastern Studies from SOAS University, London; since then she has hosted events designed to celebrate Middle Eastern food at The Mosaic Rooms Supper Club in London, such as a 'Cardamom and Lime' three-course dinner. She has also written for publications such as Jazeera Magazine.

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