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Cairo, Luxor and Aswan

Michael Haag

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25th September 2009
352 pages - 210 x 140 xmm
This title features: dynamic new two-colour layout for easy navigation; clear, newly designed two-colour maps throughout for increased ease of use; extensive listings of hotels and restaurants - all personally recommended for a really local flavour; and, top Don't Miss sights for each regional chapter, plus Author Choices of personal favourite places to stay and eat. You can discover three sides of ancient, modern, exciting Egypt: exuberant Cairo, with its Arabian Nights bazaars, Islamic monuments, shining skyscrapers and awesome pyramids; Luxor's astonishing wealth of age-old temples and magnificent tombs; dreamy, relaxed, timeless Aswan, gateway to Abu Simbel and other monuments of Nubia rescued from the rising waters of Lake Nasser. With comprehensive listings and an entertaining narrative, this guide introduces three outstanding cities to the independent tourist. 'Egypt is a land of spectacle, a country vast in time, but, far from being a daunting experience for the traveller, its story is there for anyone to comprehend and enjoy.That is the purpose of this book, a guide and narrative spanning five thousand years, in which the exuberance of Cairo, the splendour of Luxor and the beauty of Aswan form the principal chapters.'
Domicile London and Alexandria Michael Haag first went to Egypt in 1967. He has written, photographed and published several books on the Middle East, Mediterranean and Egypt, including most recently, the Rough Guide to the History of Egypt. He has written for many national newspapers and has broadcast for the BBC. He lives in London but bases himself in Alexandria for part of each year.

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