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Bologna and Emilia Romagna

Dana Facaros, Michael Pauls

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18th May 2007
344 pages - 215 x 140 xmm
This title explores Bologna, the most sane, scholarly and handsome city in Italy, and a Mecca for art-lovers. It visits the polished, cultured towns of Parma and Modena; views spectacular Byzantine mosaics and Correggio frescoes; goes flamingo-watching on the Adriatic; and enjoys the cosmopolitan beach scene of Rimini and the tiny, incredibly wealthy republic of San Marino. 'Beware the attractive medieval castle at Gropparello; once the home of honest robber barons, it now houses the Parco della Fiabe, or 'Fairytale Park', advertised as the 'first parco emotivo in Italy', where under-employed Italians dressed as elves, gnomes, witches, Celtic druids, knights, damsels and talking trees will do their best to amuse you and your offspring. They say the castle is haunted too.'
(1) Photo Essay; (2) Introduction; (3) History; (4) Art and Architecture; (5) Magic, Mayhem and Mortadella; (6) Food and Drink; (7) Piacenza; (8) Parma; (9) Reggio Emilia and Modena; (10) Bologna; (11) Ferrara and Ravenna; (12) The Romagna: Imola to Rimini; (13) Language; (14) Artistic, Architectural and Historical Terms; (15) Further Reading; (16) Index; (17) Touring Map Section.
Dana Facaros and Michael Pauls are passionate about Europe and have written over 40 books for Cadogan, including several in the Spain series. They have lived all over Europe, but are currently settled in an idyllic house surrounded by vineyards in the Lot Valley, France.
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