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Bilbao & the Basque Lands

Dana Facaros, Michael Pauls

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1st February 2012
304 pages - 140 x 210 xmm
This title features: dynamic two-colour layout for easy navigation; brand new colour section that gives a photographic overview of the region, together with special features of the region, tailored itineraries and lists of the best things to do; full-colour touring maps of the whole region; extensive listings of hotels and restaurants - all personally recommended for a really local flavour; and, Top Don't Miss sights for each regional chapter, plus Author Choices of personal favourite places to stay and eat. It explores the heart of one of Europe's most distinctive regions, with its stunning architecture, chic seaside towns and breathtaking mountains. It uncovers the wonders of Bilbao's Guggenheim Museum, the adrenalin-fuelled bull running in Pamplona and the Belle Epoque glories of San Sebastian. You can discover some of Spain's most exuberant fiestas, from Vitoria's Virgen Bianca to Mauleon's espadrille festival. It details perfect places to stay for any budget including hand-picked hotels and B&Bs, sophisticated 17th-century paradores and idyllic mountain retreats.It includes detailed coverage of the best places to eat and drink the tastiest pintxos the finest Rioja wine at one of hundreds of personally visited and recommended restaurants and bars.
Dana Facaros and Michael Pauls are extremely experienced travel writers who have written over 40 guides for Cadogan and are renowned for their depth of detail combined with an interesting and lively writing style.

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