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Best Man Best Speech

Dominic Bliss

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1st March 2012
128 pages -
The role of being best man at a wedding is a huge honour, but the amount of responsibilities it comes with can quickly seem overwhelming. "Best Man Best Speech" is the answer to any worries a best man has. It covers in detail all the duties of the best man, including before, during and after the wedding. The book is split into two parts; the first focuses on the best man's duties, and the latter on the speech. The first section covers all vital duties of a best man, from the initial appointment of the role, through to the often-tricky stag party arrangements and the preparation for the big day, as well as getting the couple away from the ceremony. The second section covers all vital aspects of the best man's speech: from gathering stories, jokes and anecdotes, developing the structure and practising it, through to its delivery and how to conquer the inevitable Big Day nerves. "Best Man Best Speech" also includes many funny personal stories, as well as plenty of useful tips, including how to avoid trouble on a stag night, how to tie a bow tie and how rude a best man's jokes can be during the speech!Whether the wedding is formal or informal, large or small, or whether the best man is a woman, this book provides all the necessary information to enable the role of Best Man to be pulled off perfectly, without a hitch.
Dominic Bliss is a freelance journalist and editor. He has a lot of experience with weddings, being married himself, and having attended almost as many friends' weddings as he's had birthdays.

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