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Beginner's Garden

Alex Mitchell

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1st March 2018
144 pages - 229 x 179 xmm
This book offers a fun and light-hearted guide to growing your own salads, herbs, vegetables and fruit, armed with little more than a trowel and some seedlings.Aimed at complete beginners, it de-mystifies the gardening process with sound practical and seasonal advice, lots of hints and tips for successful growing, delicious recipes and fun weekend projects to help you make the most of your outdoor area, however small.This completely new kind of gardening book is ideal for first-timers who have busy working lives but still want to grow their own produce-without spending all weekend digging.
Alex Mitchell is a journalist, author and gardener. She has a regular column in The Sunday Telegraph where she covers everything from how to deter slugs to the best hand cream to use after a day in the elements. She studied at the Chelsea Physic Garden and grows her own fruit, salad, herbs and vegetables.
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