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Bartender's Guide

Kathy Hamlin

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1st June 2005
256 pages - 184 x 120 xmm
Bartender's Guide offers a comprehensive look at the art and science of serving drinks, and provides a useful reference for aspiring bartenders everywhere. The book covers everything from the different types of spirits, mixers and syrups to types of glasses and information on serving and presentation. The bulk of the book consists of a comprehensive selection of more than 800 cocktail recipes, ranging from the essential classics to flamboyant tropical concoctions. As well as covering basic techniques such as mixology and stocking your bar, the book will also touch on more advanced topics, such as flair bartending and event management.
The world of the bartender: Tools of the trade; the well-stocked bar; basic techniques; advanced techniques; the home bar. The recipes: Cocktails; martinis; apzritifs; shooters; holidays and occasions; frozen drinks; hot drinks; mocktails.
Kathy Hamlin has worked in the food and beverage industry for over 30 years, but has found her niche behind the bar. As a mixologist and professional bartender, she has seen trends come and go. Fascinated by the nostalgia surrounding cocktails, she has built up an extensive library of old and new cocktail books and barware. She has guided the popular cocktails site at about.com since 1997 where she writes about trends, history and new drinks. She lives in Orange City, Florida.

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