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Audrey 100

Ellen Fontana, Sean Hepburn, Luca Dotti

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25th October 2010
201 pages - 254 x 304 xmm
One of the most beautiful women of the 20th century, style icon, actor, model, UNICEF patron, and so much more Audrey captured the imaginations of millions around the world with her famous unforgettable face and innate and inherent grace. Photographed by most of the leading photographers of the day - Cecil Beaton, Hans Gerber, Norman Parkinson, Douglas Kirkland, among them - Audrey Hepburn's image lives on, her style still an influence to designers and fashionistas alike. This beautiful book brings together 100 evocative and moving photographs, most iconic, some never seen before, chosen by her family and close friends. With a foreword and extended and personal captions by her sons, Sean Hepburn and Luca Dotti, this book is a collector's dream. "Audrey 100" also includes one limited edition framable archival photograph.
Ellen Fontana, Executive Director of the Audrey Hepburn Children's Fund.

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