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Anatomy and Strength Training for Women

Mark Vella

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25th January 2008
144 pages - 265 x 210 xmm
Research in the last ten years has made it clear that a woman's body should be exercised differently from a man's, and that her training programme should be adjusted to suit her body type and transformations as she moves through the various life stages. "Anatomy & Strength Training for Women" is unique guide, reference and graphic education tool suitable for any woman interested in understanding her own body and formulating a personal exercise programme.Over 90 exercises, involving gym weights, free weights and stretching, are featured in detail, grouped by chest, back and shoulders, legs and hips, arms and abdominals. Each exercise incorporates a full-body illustration plus instructions on proper execution and technique. Start and finish positions are shown, and supplementary information is included by way of hints and tips. A method of assessing your own fitness is also provided, which you can use to help you choose the correct type of programme for your life stage and shape. Sample programmes illustrate how you can choose a programme based on the needs you have established in the assessment.
Mark Vella, ND has been involved in the field of health and fitness for more than 15 years, as a personal training instructor, lifestyle counsellor, massotherapist and practising naturopath. He is the author of Anatomy for Strength and Fitness Training, also published by New Holland.

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