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25 Foods Kids Hate (and How to Get Them Eating 24)

Fiona Faulkner

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5th August 2011
128 pages - 228 x 178 xmm
With bookshops full of 'family-friendly' recipe books, what do you if your child won't even touch a tomato, let alone have one on their plate? Fussy eating is the bane of many parents' lives and is an age-old problem. Fiona Faulkner, also known as the 'Toddler Chef', reveals the tricks and recipes that have transformed her own children's eating habits and those of countless others at her popular workshops. Her techniques allow children to experiment with food at their own pace - and with a relaxed and fun attitude. The 25 foods chosen are those that many children (and consequently parents!) struggle with - from pulses to spinach to fish. Each 'food' has information on why you should be eating it, how to introduce it, recipes, tips and tricks as well two deliciously simple recipes. A 'gourmet for grown-ups' feature for each recipe also shows how you can adjust the recipe to appeal to more adult tastes. "25 Foods Kids Hate" offers a humorous and down-to-earth approach - with recipes and techniques that actually work.
Children's cookery expert, writer, broadcaster and all-round 'foodie' Fiona Faulkner runs 'Toddler Chef' workshops, helping parents and children to overcome their fussy food habits. She works extensively with schools, pre-schools and nurseries and consults for both Waitrose and TUI Travel.
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