Master sugar crafter Alan Dunn interviewed in Cake Masters magazine

Alan Dunn in Cake Masters magazine

Alan Dunn needs no introduction to anyone with a passion for sugarcrafting, particularly those who love creating sugar flowers for beautiful cakes. May 2015's special Floral issue of Cake Masters magazine contains an interview with Alan, together with a three-page tutorial on how to make a stunning sacred lotus flower. Something for every cake decorator to aspire to!

Here are the five top tips for sugarcrafting flowers that Alan gave to the magazine:

1. For brightly coloured flowers, it is often best to apply layers of petal dust while the petals are still pliable or at a leather hard stage.

2. Always use good quality wires. I prefire Sunrise Japanese wires as the coating on the wires is very fine which helps when making flowers. Hamilworth also do a superior range of wires which I also use. I always just buy white wire as it is easier to keep stock of and, from a flower making piont of view, it doesn't show through the flower petals.

3. Try to always work from a real flower or at least good botanical illustrations or photographs. It is a good idea to dissect the flower and make templates or scan the petals to keep a record of shape, size, colour and markings. Of course, you can still use artistic licence to speed up the process to make the flowrs more suitable for use on a cake. This is something that many flower makers forget!

4. Never insert wires directly into a cake. I see this often and it's very bad practice. Use a food grade plastic posy pick inserted into the cake to hold a floral spray and protect the cake from the wires.

5. Try to have fun. Don't take it too seriously. Perfect work can often lack expression. It is far better to create work that you are enjoying.

Alan Dunn's most recent books are: