Aiden Byrne presents stratospheric menu at Bluedot Festival at Jodrell Bank

Join Aiden Bryne, one of Britain's most respected and acclaimed Michelin star chefs and the man behind Manchester House and The Church Green in Lymm, and his crew of culinary rocketeers for a stratospheric seven-course menu designed especially for Bluedot Festival. He will take you on a space odyssey, navigating an entire cosmos of experimental tastes, which are truly out of this world.

Bluedot Festival is held at Jodrell Bank Observatory, Fri 22nd to Sun 24th July, and Aiden will be presenting his banquet on the Friday and Saturday evenings. More information here.

Inspired by intergalactic travel and exploration, Aiden has taken his cues from astronomy, the cosmos and futurism. The galactic banquet menu features some of earth's most luxurious ingredients as well as molecular interventions taken directly from the cosmos.

The dinners will see gastronauts dine in a specially commissioned pop-up restaurant in the shadow of the Lovell Telescope.

Speaking about his menu, Aiden Byrne said: 'Normally when I'm asked to create a menu for a special occasion, such as this, it's not rocket science; well this actually is! I've loved researching the history of space travel and man's obsession with finding new galaxies, stars and planets; I wanted our guests to experience a little of that and feel the gs through interesting ingredients and food pairings.'

Aiden's recipe book Made in Great Britain is published by IMM Lifestyle Books at £15.99